How Students Can Benefit from Using Self Storage

University life: a whirlwind of lectures, late-night study sessions, unforgettable parties, and… stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. From books to furniture, to that questionable wardrobe choice you made in your first year. As the semesters roll on, so does the accumulation of belongings. So, what’s a student to do? Enter the unsung hero: self storage.

When half term hits and it’s time to vacate your dorm or student accommodation, hauling all your possessions back home can be a nightmare. And let’s be honest, do you really want to explain the “essential” beer pong table to your folks? Self storage provides a safe haven for your things over the break. Come September, everything’s right where you left it.

Many students catch the travel bug and decide to take a gap year. But wandering the globe is less carefree if you’re worried about your belongings’ safety. Storing them in a secure facility can give peace of mind while you’re ticking off your bucket list.

Budgeting is practically a rite of passage for students. If individual storage seems pricey, why not share a larger unit with friends? Splitting the cost can make it more affordable, and you all benefit from the extra space.

Studying abroad offers fantastic experiences, but it’s short-term. Transporting all your possessions overseas? Impractical. A self storage unit keeps your items safe until you return, making your international stint hassle-free.

That high-end laptop, your precious vinyl collection, or essential textbooks need more protection than a flimsy dorm lock. Many storage facilities offer enhanced security features, ensuring your valuable items are well-protected.

Not every student housing situation is stable. You might switch accommodations, face eviction, or decide to move in with friends. In these transition phases, self storage can act as a temporary home for your possessions.

Ever tried revising for an exam in a cluttered room? It’s chaotic. By placing non-essential items in storage, you can create a more organized, serene space conducive to studying (or just some much-needed relaxation).

Between semesters, those golf clubs, skiing equipment, or even musical instruments might not be in regular use. Instead of letting them hog your living space, pop them into storage until the next season.

If you’re considering hiring a self storage unit during your university years, here are some savvy ways to keep the costs low without compromising on the safety of your stuff.

Storage might be a personal affair, but when you’re on a student budget, collaboration is key. By teaming up with a friend or flatmate, you can split the costs of a larger storage unit. This way, both of you get the space you need at half the price.  Many storage companies recognise the budget constraints students face and offer special discounts. Always ask if there’s a student rate available – flashing that student ID might just get you a better deal.

Locations closer to city centres or university campuses tend to be pricier. If you don’t need to access your belongings frequently, consider choosing a facility slightly farther away where rates might be cheaper.

Most students need storage for specific periods – like summer breaks or a semester abroad. Look for storage providers who offer short-term rental agreements, so you’re only paying for the time you need.

Take a hard look at what you genuinely need to store. The fewer items you have, the smaller the storage unit you’ll need. Sell, donate, or recycle items that aren’t essential, and you’ll save on storage space.

While many storage facilities sell packing supplies, you can save by sourcing your own. But you can get free cardboard boxes for moving from local shops, use old newspapers for wrapping, and borrow bubble wrap from recent movers.

Some storage companies offer discounts for customers who pay several months upfront. If you have the funds, this can be a cost-effective way to secure a reduced rate.