How the Tie Colour you Choose can Aid you in Your Job Search

Colour has been used for centuries to convey certain emotions and characteristics. Choosing your tie colour then is crucial; pick the wrong one and you could risk giving off the wrong impression.

Whether you are trying to impress on a date or secure your dream job, here are five tie colours for five different situations you may find yourself in.

Blue: Convey Trustworthiness

Blue is a natural colour that many find soothing. Why do you think politicians favour the baby blue necktie so much when they are on the campaign trail? Using a lighter shade of this colour can also convey a softer more gentle personality. This tie would be perfect for events where you need to come across as trusting; such as job interviews or occasions that involve public speaking.

Red: Convey Dominance

When you need to come across as a powerful individual wearing a red tie could be the perfect option. Connotations are often drawn between the color red and danger so picking this tie for an important meeting can help you come across as an authority figure. For a less aggressive option, you could opt for a burgundy or another tie in a darker shade of red.

Green: Convey Reliability and Stability

Green could be the perfect option if you are looking for a tie that makes you come across as both a stable and reliable prospective employee in an interview situation. Opting for a bespoke tie could help you select the exact pattern and colour for your green tie; giving you the perfect autumn wear option.

Green ties also saw a surge in popularity in recent years with many politicians favouring them over the more traditional red and blue options. Be sure to keep an eye out for the tie of choice of politicians whilst they are on the trail in the upcoming US midterm elections.

Orange: Convey Energy

If you are in an industry that requires bundles of energy and enthusiasm then picking a vibrant orange business tie could be the perfect way to convey that in a job interview. Approach with caution as this is definitely an adventurous option. None the less opting for an orange necktie could be the perfect way to make a bold impression in your new office.

Yellow: Subtle Dominance

The more subtle cousin to the red power tie, this option could be perfect if you are looking to come across as assertive without appearing outright aggressive. This coloured tie could be good in an interview situation where you want to come across as confident and outgoing.

All Colours Could be Used to Your Advantage!

Whatever colour tie you opt for you must make sure you consider your audience and the impression that you want to convey to them. Making sure you have a good quality tie is also crucial. When you’re ready to find a high-quality business tie head over to James Morton for some great options.