How to Choose a Location for a Doctor’s Practice

Congratulations! You have decided to open something that everyone needs and can benefit from! Opening your own practice is not something to be taken lightly, and there are many factors to consider. Of course, this is the same for all businesses, but when it comes to a medical or caring profession, there is so much more at play.

Finding the right spot to open your own practice is definitely up there with one of the more important decisions, and a lot of components will influence your decision. This piece will take a look at where you should begin in choosing your ideal location.

Look at the Data

Data is your best bet when it comes to choosing a doctor’s practice location. It is not only an essential part of your business research, but it will show you where communities need your services most and those who are most likely to utilize them. After all, there is no point in opening a doctor’s practice if there will be no one around to use it!

One of the main things to look at in the data is the density of the population that you want to settle your roots into, and also how close those potential patients will be to your ideal target location. This is one of the very foundations as to how successful any business can be, so do not skip the step!

Another very important aspect is looking at data that will show you growth in the long run for the area. Are people having more children in the area? Is it a new ‘up and coming’ area likely to see more demand from medical services? What area of medicine you specialize in will also determine if your new location is a good fit for you. Answer to these questions can be made easy by leveraging Sermo like platforms to gain better insight. As evidenced from one IQVIA Senior Consultant’s testimonial (hop over to here, if someone is interested), the strategy does influence decision making in a big way!

Check the Competition

As with all businesses, checking out your competition is no different when starting a doctor’s practice. What are their specialties? How many doctors and nurses do they have? Do they have good reviews? What are they lacking?

If the area is saturated with similar expertise, it is worth considering if you can provide something to the community they are not already getting. An example of this could be better mental health services or more female doctors. If you offer something different, you can also work with other practices and operate on referrals too, providing a wider scope of help to the community.

Design of the Practice

Don’t overlook design when it comes to a location for a new practice. Outside and inside, both have to be appealing, accessible and upheld to the highest standard.

A doctor’s practice should provide a “healthy” and “clean” environment. This doesn’t mean it has to be completely clinical – you can put a painting up on the wall. But, patients are known to equate aesthetics with the quality of care, so everything needs to be immaculate.

Make sure you have a surplus of GP practice supplies, that everything is clean and tidy, and that you can make patients feel like they are in good hands.

Another thing to consider when it comes to design is the flow of the patients. People should be able to get in and out quickly, and your location will impact this, so don’t forget to have this in mind either!