How to choose the right colour for your business ties

Choosing the ties for your business is quite a big thing. It represents change and growth for your company and will brand your staff when they’re on the move, out on meetings or when they’re representing the business in any way. How can you assure that you get the right colour for your wants and needs for your company?

Colour Theory

You may or may not have heard of this theory but it is complete and utterly essential that you keep this in mind when selecting the colour of your ties to be.

Essentially, the colour wheel is created through the mixing of primary colours with each other in a pattern that is representative of the spectrum of colour.

The theory then suggests that specific colours next to each other look good and complement each other (complimentary colours) and others stand out and contrast each other.

Many theorists have built on this and now suggest that the colours even affect how we perceive something. For example, the colour green is associated with nature and eco-friendliness whilst blue is more calming and professional.

Whilst you have most likely have been through all of this when you created your brand, the next stage is the brightness and hue to which you put on your tie.

For example, you may have a blue theme for your brand but are not sure which shade of blue to have on your tie.

You may also choose to complement your brand with an opposing or complementary colour, based on the values of your brand. See the chart below for help with picking the right colours.

Using your exact logo colour

Using your logo colour is on brand and keeps everything in line. The only problem is, though, that if you are getting your logo on the ties, it will be drowned and will fade into the tie.

What you want is to create a tie that fits with your brand and makes people feel how you want them to. You also want your logo to stand out!

What to do next

Get in touch with a professional tie manufacturer and see how they can help you build your perfect corporate tie.

James Morton Ties specialise in custom club and corporate ties and you can even design your own and place your logo wherever and however you like upon the ties!

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