How to make workplaces more environmentally friendly

Making offices more sustainable and environmentally friendly will help your business save money and energy. Want to become eco-friendlier? Why not start by adopting policies that work towards reducing the business’s collective impact on the planet? These could be simple actions as promoting paperless meeting and coming up with a range of promotional gifts to give both employees and customers who share the same vision.

Tips to help you become more sustainable

Here are some tips that will guide you on everything you need to know about making the business recycle more and waste less:

  • Start a sustainability team for the office

This will help raise awareness among the other team members. This way, everyone will be able to accomplish more. Sustainability could help make better-informed purchasing decisions on cleaning supplies and energy-efficient appliances. There are software solutions (for example, greenstone) that can be leveraged to gather centralised data across your organisation to monitor the impact of sustainability methods adopted.

  • Turn off electronics, lighting, and heat every evening

Water and electricity should be conserved. Taps shouldn’t be left running and lights shouldn’t be left on all night long.

The last person to leave the office should make sure that everything in the office including equipment is switched off.

  • Bring indoor plants

Plants generally improve the quality of air so having them around the office would be great. Anyone who can afford to bring a desk plant should do it as a way of bringing some nature into the office environment. Additionally, some DIY plant stands can make the office desk look colorful and bright, uplifting employee moods and making them ready for the day. You can learn more about making DIY stands for indoor plants, and bring that to work!

When it comes to air quality, you should also make sure that the office air ducts are clean on a regular basis. This can help prevent any microbial growth that might cause asthma or allergies in employees. So it might be a good idea to contact a duct cleaning company (like DUCTZ of Raleigh or somewhere near your office location) that can clear all the duct and debris from your office air ducts.

Coming back to indoor plants, they also give off a calming vibe and make people happier. This creates a better and chemical-free environment to work in.

  • Go paperless

The greenest paper is no paper at all. If workers are using paper and need to keep doing corrections and revisions, you’ll realize that 90% of all the office waste will be paper. Papers will also take up lots of storage that would have otherwise been used for other things. File cabinets will then become a thing of the past. This will make data retrieval faster and more efficient.

Keeping things digital allows people to work wherever and whenever either from their phones and laptops.

  • Maximize natural light

Working in a sun-lit area significantly increases the employees’ productivity. According to science, natural lighting sets the body’s circadian rhythms which control waking, sleeping, digestion, and vitamin D synthesis. All these are very important for the employees’ state of the mind. Additionally, relying more on natural lighting helps reduce energy consumption and costs on things like utility bills.

On the other hand, artificial lighting that’s used indoors is quite disruptive. To mitigate this, workstations should be moved nearer peripheral walls that have windows.

  • Encourage green commuting

Employees should be encouraged to lower emissions to the environment by walking, biking, carpooling, or taking public transport to and from work.

Another way of reducing their carbon footprint is by encouraging employees to work from home and offering incentives.


Employees spend the majority of their time at the office. So it makes sense that employers should make their workspaces as green as possible. These are so many ways in which businesses can try and become more sustainable. We hope that this piece gave you an idea of where to start.