How to Strengthen Your Client Relationships

Whether you’re running a start-up or managing a large corporation, there’s one thing that keeps all businesses running: clients. Strong relationships with clients can be the difference between your business growing and thriving or crashing and burning. Even if you have no problem attaining clients, keeping them will create a strong foundation for you to build on. Quality relationships with your clients take respect, trust, and care, but putting in the effort can lead to referrals and continuous growth for your business.

Here’s are some tips to help you strengthen your client relationships.

1.    Meet face to face

Though not always possible with a global online business, try to meet with your client on the regular in-person. If in-person meetings are not possible, opt for a Zoom or Skype video call. Putting a face to the name and getting to know each other’s personalities makes your relationship more personal. In emails, and even in telephone communication, messages can be misconstrued and have no emotion attached to them. By forming a face to face connection, your client will feel more invested in you and your business.

2.    Exceed expectations

Go above and beyond for your client. Doing the bare minimum may be what they expect, but throwing in a little something extra will be appreciated. That’s not to say you should do work for free, but a little bit goes a long way. Even as simple as delivering work slightly ahead of schedule can show your client that they can rely on you. Do your best with every project or task and take pride in your excellent work.

3.    Be easy to contact

Make sure that your client can always contact you when they need to. Discuss your preferred communication method and be available to help when needed. Encourage open communication and let your client know that you’re there to help them. Being approachable will make your client comfortable with you and build trust. Active communication is essential to any relationship, and business relationships are no exception.

4.    Show gratitude

Your clients pay your bills, so show appreciation to them often. It doesn’t need to be something big, but something as simple as sending flowers to their place in Hoppers Crossing (if that is where they live), or taking them for lunch can be considered a nice gesture. If you hit any milestones with them, like a year working together, treat them to a show or a concert. You can find inexpensive tickets on Ticket Sales for just about any genre, and your client will value the gift.

5.    Takes responsibility for mistakes

You’re only human, and everybody makes mistakes. It can be tempting to try to cover up mistakes the best you can before the client noticing, though this is not always possible. If you have made a mistake, address it with your client as soon as possible. They will respect you for your honesty. Go to them with some proposed solutions to show that you genuinely care and are working to fix the problem. Ignoring it will only make matters worse in the end. Strong client relationships are the key to the long-term success of your business. Investing in these relationships will ensure you’ve got steady, quality work and form lasting bonds that will help you grow.