Ideas for Working from Home

There are many options for making money at home, but before we get into some of the possibilities, it should be noted that there is no such thing as fast, easy money. Hard work and putting in the time to be successful is how you can earn a side income or perhaps a good living sitting at your kitchen table.

Do you like photography? One way to earn money on your own is through online stock photography. The mistake beginners make is they take pictures of their pets or scenes in the park and then wonder why they never get any sales. Sales are more likely to occur if your photography is oriented toward commercial concepts. The majority of people who try their hand at online stock fail because they can’t separate themselves from everyday snapshots versus what buyers are looking for. You will want to purchase editing software such as Photoshop and take the time to learn how to use the software.

If you’re a graphic artist or painter, you can submit art to online agencies also. There are also websites that are dedicated to artwork and provide print-on-demand services. If a buyer wants to purchase your art, they will have options to receive a photographic print or other options such as printing on canvas.

Many people have created online stores using eBay and Amazon. They will sell virtually anything and everything. There are so many options that you will need to do the research to find what works best for you. Some “stores” order goods through China and then resell the items on their own. There are other business models on how to do this. Many resources are available on how to create an online store but make sure you are thorough in doing your homework. There is a lot of bad advice out there so you will need to find a way through the noise.

There are people out there who make good money selling used books. Again, an Amazon store is a common online vehicle that book sellers will use. You can make money this way by finding books in thrift shops, yard sales, or similar means. Old books are not necessarily valuable, you will find specialty books that are out of print are usually the better sellers and can sell for hundreds of dollars. There are apps you can download that will tell you what a book generally retails for and if it’s worth your time for the selling process. If you use Amazon as a selling platform, you can send your books to Amazon and they will take care of the sales and shipping. Or you can do the manual portions of the business yourself to earn that much more. The catch here is you will always be looking for more inventory. The more money you want to make, the more time you will need to dedicate to finding more books to sell. But the good news is you don’t have to punch a clock, you can work whenever you want.

Along the same line, if you specialize in something such as motorcycle parts or comic books, you can follow the same business strategy as selling books. There are people with the passion for vintage clothing, jewelry, collectibles, etc. You can turn your passion into a business and sell your items online through websites such as Etsy.

Speaking of Etsy, do you have a skill? Do you make ceramics? Like to sew? There are people who are sewing nice, designer COVID-19 masks and selling them. Specialized napkins, towels, arts and crafts, put your talent to work and sell your items online. There are printers you can purchase that will print on fabric. If you are into sewing a potential customer can send you a digital image and you can incorporate that into whatever textile product you know how to create.

Another income possibility is to create your own YouTube channel. Do you have a hobby and the talent to create how-to videos? There are people making good money on YouTube by sharing their knowledge of a particular subject. There is a catch here too, which is you will need to put in the time to build your channel and a following. You need to be good at what you’re doing and to keep creating new content. It’s a tough thing to get into but some people have become millionaires using YouTube. Keep in mind there is a difference between building a sellable following on YouTube versus the desire to just be famous. Some people have tried to become famous by doing various stunts and have been killed when the stunt goes wrong.

These are but just a few ideas of how to make money on your own, at home, and using the internet. You may have noticed a pattern between all the suggestions, it will be that most of the ideas involve utilizing your skills and talents. If you’re an expert with a particular hobby or passion, then that is something you can sell in one form or another. Creating an online store does not require a specific expertise, but they all will require time and effort to build your kitchen table business. Some may require a monetary investment. Online stores will have monthly fees, or you may need to purchase equipment to create product.

Do your homework, roll up your sleeves, and get to work! It’s not going to be easy. Some of you will fail. But some of you will be rewarded for your efforts. Good luck!