Ironic Or Unfortunate Circumstances In Professional Careers

Sometimes you can’t help but notice the irony in certain life situations. And one of the more interesting times this can occur is when it happens with respect to certain career choices or professional decisions. Typically, you’ll hear about situations on the news and consider the fact that the people who have done wrong in certain situations are the exact people that you are supposed to trust in those professional categories.

Some examples of this offhand are if you are sued as a lawyer, if you hurt people as a doctor, if you break the law as a policeman, if you disregard academic rules as a teacher, or if you obstruct justice as a judicial figure. Each of those cases showcase an opportunity for people’s career choices to get in the way of the actions that they actually produce in their lives.

Being Sued As a Lawyer

It’s probably actually pretty common to be sued as a lawyer. Because there is so much pressure on a lawyer to do things in a way that will provide positive results for their clients, there is often some fudging that goes on behind the scenes. If lawyers do their jobs properly, then they are legally protected, but if they choose to work in gray areas, there are many times when you will see stories about these same lawyers getting sued or countersued.

Hurting People As a Doctor

Doctors are in charge of making people better. They go through extensive training in order to provide some sort of healing services. However, there are plenty of situations that you see in the news where doctors end up hurting people, and those affected have used such services as including other resources, so they can be properly compensated as well as get justice from this. This can either be because of some personal vendetta that they had developed toward a patient, or it may even be that they are on the wrong side of laws regarding medical malpractice, or even participate in experimentation that is not appropriate in certain cultural and medical conditions.

Breaking the Law As a Policeman

Many people of a certain personality type move toward careers in law enforcement. However, especially with the new ways that people record things, archive things, and pay attention to their public rights, more policemen are getting caught breaking the law than ever before. If public defenders aren’t doing their job defending the public, this creates a very ironic situation that needs to be alleviated as soon as possible by administrative officials.

Disregarding Academic Rules As a Teacher

And you can be a rebel as a teacher without completely disregarding academic roles. In another case where you will see irony or unfortunate circumstances with respect to professionalism, there are teachers that somehow find that they want to take the system down from the inside, and it rarely works in their favor.

Obstructing Justice as a Judicial Figure

And finally, one of the most obvious cases of career-centered irony would be obstructing justice if you are some sort of judicial figure. This might mean that you are obstructing justice as an official member of the court, or it might even be a more casual circumstance, such as trying to judge a situation at work, potentially in a semi-official capacity.