What Jobs Might Be Gone in the Future?

At the time of the industrial revolution, workers realised that increasing automation, and more efficient machinery, would mean less jobs. They were right, and the same is true of today. Think of all the jobs that were once done by hand, that are now performed autonomously by computer or other means. The list is endless, and it’s not going to stop. Computers are increasingly capable, and robot development has come a long way. The robot factory, for example, is already reality, with machines performing repetitive tasks that were once done by men or women. The problem is, these men and women don’t necessarily get other jobs – they end up out of work.

The Robot Revolution

Many commentators will tell you that robot automation is the way forward; we already have, for example, driverless cars, which are effectively robots on wheels, and you can buy many robot devices around the home. We predict that, in the not too distant future, many household chores will be performed autonomously, and some already are. While not good news for domestic or commercial cleaners, this is good news for the homeowner, as many jobs that would previously have been done by hand will now be performed by a machine.

What appliances are we talking about? Well, let’s get to grips with the best of them all, the robot vacuum. These very clever devices are all the rage at the moment, and are coming to a house near you very soon! What are they? They are what they say – robot hoovers, that do away with the need to push your heavy cumbersome hoover around the house. It’s a true revolution in house cleaning, and you will love them.

How Do They Work?

The robot vacuum is a small, circular device, with an electric motor and wheels. Think of it as your regular hoover, but without the handle, and self powered. You set it clean whenever you want – it can be programmed for seven days a week – and it goes off and does it job. It lives on a docking station that is actually a charger, and when it begins to lose charge, it will return to the dock and charge itself up. All you have to do is empty the dirt out every now and again, and let it get on with things.

You can find an excellent review of these handy little machines at a great site called Best Reviewer. They have reviews of a wide variety of gadgets, household items, travel gear and more, and each offers detailed information, pros and cons of each one, and an idea of what you should be paying. There’s a lot to learn by reading the review of robot vacuums, and you may be surprised at how affordable and versatile they are. Have a look now, and get yourself a machine that means you never have to worry about hoovering again!

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