Learning the Language: Updating Vocabulary To Improve Work Opportunities

There are several different pathways that you can take to get into position to get a better job. But one of the easiest and most specific ones that you can do is to learn the language of the job you’re trying to get! Simply by having the right vocabulary, you can be a much more competitive person when you’re trying to vie for a position.

Review the examples of things you can work on to get better jobs, consider learning retail jargon, becoming knowledgeable about IT words and phrases, spending some time on subscription education sites and learning the words that they use, and reading books, magazines, or articles outside of your typical comfort zone.

Retail Jargon

If you’re planning on working in the retail world, then you have to understand retail jargon. And retail is a very broad category. There is housing retail. There is clothing retail. There is construction retail. But they’re all going to share a few common words and phrases, so understanding the concept of buying, selling, leasing, property management, taxes, and terms related to those will all help you fit in better when you’re trying to get a new job.

IT Words and Phrases

Almost every business has an IT department these days. So even if your primary job isn’t dealing with information technology, at least knowing the basics of IT is going to help you out. You should know how to reset a router. You should understand the basics of email communication. You should know the difference between Wi-Fi and cellular service. It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, or if you’re familiar or unfamiliar with these concepts, you at least need to know the terminology to get by in today’s professional world.

Subscription Education Sites

One way to build up your professional language is to subscribe to educational sites online. Some of these are free. Others cost a little bit of money every month or every year. But after you subscribe, you have access to some of the best teachers in the world talking about some of the most important professional topics there are in the global workplace. Even just watching a few minutes a day can greatly expand your technical vocabulary.

Reading Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Chances are if you’re comfortable with the topic, or already have a career in a particular industry, then you know all of the right words. However, if you’re trying to get a new job started, you need to read outside of that comfort zone. Look through trade magazines in an unfamiliar career path. Read newspaper articles that deal with topics that you’ve never looked into before. Even if you don’t entirely understand what’s going on, you’ll at least be picking up some of the language.

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