Living On The Edge: 5 Ways Substance Abuse Can Ruin Your Professional Career

Achieving a professional career takes a lot of work.  You have to push hard in life to get an education, and then work a little harder to establish yourself as a respected professional.  

The stress of everyday life along with the stress of building a career can sometimes result in numbing or self-medicating behavior.  Take heed, and educate yourself on the risk factors, or else you may find yourself battling an addiction problem that requires you to find out where the best drug rehabilitation center is.  

Don’t risk all that you have worked so hard to achieve for the chance to check out for a while.  Here are a few sobering reminders of how substance abuse can ruin your professional career, so you may arm yourself with knowledge prior to making a terrible mistake.  

Overindulgence typically leads to absenteeism

Drinking and partying on a regular basis will eventually wear down your will to wake up for work.  Alcohol and nicotine disrupt sleep, despite the common assumption that a few beers will help you sleep like a baby.  

Often, professionals struggling with substance abuse issues also struggle to make it to work on time, if at all.  Chronic tardiness and absenteeism will almost always lead to your employer or partners probing for answers.  

The gradual decline of your dedication to your career will show, and it will tarnish your reputation of competence.  

Your job performance will eventually suffer 

It’s extremely challenging to effectively maintain a stellar job performance while simultaneously maintaining a drug or alcohol addiction.  Your job performance will eventually tell a tale of your secret behaviors, and your career will suffer for the disparagement.  

Your drive and attitude at work 

A professional in the midst of a drug/alcohol addiction typically has a bit of trouble managing professionally social situations.  You won’t be able to manage a professional presence that doesn’t give off hints to others about your troubles.  

Excessive drug/alcohol use will change your appearance

As a professional, your appearance does matter.  A long relationship with addiction will almost certainly have an effect on your appearance, and the changes could put a damper on the social side of your professional career.  Even functioning addicts can’t hide the physical effects of their issue forever.  

Substance abuse typically results in financial struggles 

Your professional career could really struggle with the financial impact of your drug or alcohol addiction.  Business owners are especially affected by the burdens of supporting an addiction, as their business finances tend to suffer as well.  

\When you start dipping into your business accounts to pay for your drug of choice, you’re in a very volatile state.  It’s time to take a thorough inventory of who you are and who you want to be.