Maintain Work-Life Balance With Part-Time Study

Before a prospective candidate applies for their MBA degree, many things must be taken into consideration. The first is whether they can find a program that allows them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. For people who are well into their careers, especially if they have families to attend to, ensuring their presence at home while alleviating burnout during rigorous study is of paramount importance. Furthermore, if their job is providing them with stable and reliable income, putting their career on hold to pursue a program full-time may not be a viable option. For these individuals, completing an MBA part-time would provide them with the balance they are searching for while giving them the qualifications they need for desired advancement in their field.

With the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics, part-time students are not required to travel to the program’s main location in Waterloo or uproot themselves for study, but can enjoy classes at the satellite campus in downtown Toronto – conveniently located in the heart of the city’s financial district. What’s more is that this top MBA school offers a part time MBA program in Toronto — one of the most flexible MBAs available in the country, with classes occurring on alternating weekends. Candidates choose how quickly they want to complete the program as well; typically, it takes students 2-3 years but if they prefer, they may extend up to 5 years.

Through the part-time program, students have the opportunity to specialize in 10 different streams including accounting, financial management, marketing, human resources management, supply chain management and more. They are also encouraged to use the knowledge acquired in class and apply it to their work, opening the door for promotions and salary bumps even before their degree is complete. The program’s small class sizes enable students to make lasting connections and cultivate future business relationships.

The school also gives candidates their Sundays off guaranteed, with summers off July through August as well for vacationing and spending quality time with friends or loved ones. This allows for designated “off duty” time to be taken every other weekend throughout the remainder of the year. It is the perfect opportunity for those who have various personal obligations to still be able to network with other high-caliber experienced professionals from a variety of industries. Finally, the school offers a reasonable tuition, giving one of the best rate-of-investments available in Canada.

Juggling domestic, professional and social obligations is challenging for many people as is, even before they choose to apply to school. When debating whether or not to pursue their MBAs, prospective applicants should do their research to find a program that works for them, offering them the flexibility that matches their working and living needs – not the other way around. While salary potential and status hold bearing, setting personal goals and taking time for personal development are equally as important. It’s refreshing to see certain MBA programs beginning to meet these needs by introducing part-time study, all while offering the same prestigious degrees as their counterparts.

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