Making Big Oilfield Bucks in Texas: Fact or Fiction?

History is witness to the fact that Texas has had the lowest of wages and the scarcest of job opportunities for a long long time. But the times have changed. Unlike the past, today Texas is blooming with opportunities for promising people with its rising Oil and Gas empire.

This humongous Oilfields Job Rush has blown away all the stereotypes of the state’s economy. Texas is transforming, it’s citizens are transforming – th Ranchers of yesterday who made a barely-enough living off the cattle industry are millionaires today. With every passing day, billions of dollars are being spent by leading Oil companies to mine the Oilfields spread under as many as over two dozen counties in South Texas, and there’s enough for everyone to fill their plates.

As unbelievable as it may sound, the average drill-site consultant at an oilfield in Texas makes a whopping $1,500 a day. What’s even more surprising is that you don’t even need to have a college degree to make them big bucks. All you need to do, is survive the rough working conditions for as many as 12-15 hours a day, and you can earn six figure incomes.

Those numbers sure do sound very appealing, but they come at the cost of your personal life. The Oilfields industry demands some of the most grueling labour. You may have to work hundreds of miles away from home in the harshest conditions with a very basic lifestyle. You pretty much have to compromise on your life to make big bucks in this industry.

Carlos Garza, 36, who drives a fluid truck and rarely sees his four kids in Mission, just two hours away, says “You have no life. It’s basically work, sleep, work, sleep, and when you do go home, you sleep.” Employees in the Oilfields have admitted staying for as long as 30-40 hours on the Oilfields continuously.

And it isn’t just the state’s economy that’s rising because of the Oil Rush – the infrastructure of the state is blooming too. The population of some towns has doubled in the past couple of years. The massive wave of new workers flowing in has given rise to housing and labor shortages, and also new infrastructure demands. There are motels, RV parks, roads, where there used to be just barren land. Which means, more business opportunities for people who want to invest in the infrastructure sector.

Although the rising Oil Rush has given rise to a lot of opportunities for people, the danger of increased crime rates lurks more too. But, the companies in the state are have become more conscious of safety and less tolerant of misbehavior. They ensure background checks, employee training and have also set zero tolerance for drug use or alcohol abuse for all employees.

All in all, if you really want to make big bucks at the cost of rigorous labour, there are plenty of Oilfields jobs in Texas which are worth the risk.

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