How to Manage the Pressure of International Deliveries

Expanding internationally can prove to be extremely lucrative, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Shipping is one of the main areas which can prove problematic when you’re sending parcels abroad.

There are a lot of pressures placed upon businesses these days, to ensure goods are both shipped and delivered quickly and efficiently. It’s difficult enough handling the pressures of local deliveries, never mind international ones.

So, if you’re struggling to manage the pressure that comes with international deliveries, below you’ll discover how to cope and what can be done to make them easier.

Ensure your international shipping fees are clear and concise

A common problem international businesses face is cart abandonment. This tends to happen when consumers realise just how expensive shipping is going to be. To avoid cart abandonment issues, ensure you make all fees and charges clear and concise. Include details about taxes, border duties and shipping costs before the customer checks out to ensure they know exactly what they’ll need to pay.

Of course, in order to do this, you’re going to need to know what the fees and charges will be. Make sure you have a good idea of the total costs involved before you even think about offering international shipping.

Use a respected and reliable freight company

There is a lot of pressure placed upon companies to ensure their goods reach the customer in record time. Therefore, it really helps to ensure you are using a well-respected trucking company like the one you can find on this page. It can eliminate any worries over how quickly the goods arrive and if they get delivered properly.

Many businesses are worried about the cost of international shipping, so they go with a low-quality courier purely because they offer the cheapest prices. However, it is possible to find low cost deals with major couriers if you use a site such as Parcel2Go

Making sure you have the right documentation

A recent case study of top retailer ASOS, found documentation issues were a leading problem for the company in terms of international shipping. One of the main issues of sending goods to different countries is the paperwork and documents required vary, making it difficult to know what you need for each order.

There are technological solutions out there which can help speed up the shipping process by automatically calculating the requirements for each parcel. The weight and size of a parcel can be captured and sent to a third party, who can then produce the necessary paperwork.

Overall, there are a lot of pressures you face when dealing with international deliveries, but the above advice can help you overcome some of the most common issues experienced.