Master’s in Marketing at Bologna Business School

Study Master’s in Marketing at Bologna Business School to give yourself a competitive edge and further your career in the marketing sectors.

A part of the University of Bologna, the Bologna Business School is the largest of its kind among all the public Italian universities. They have more than 50 programs with 150+ faculties and are increasingly concentrating on creating a multi-national educational environment. They boast 9 international partners and a portfolio of 500+ companies, which enable them to offer insightful case-studies, internship, and job opportunities. Therefore, the Master’s in Marketing at Bologna Business School is a brilliant opportunity to learn the latest practices of the marketing world, as well as to give yourself the best chance of landing a rewarding career. It is a 12-month long full-time program, which is taught in English. Let’s find out the details below!

Master’s in Marketing Management

Aimed at educating students to drive growth by generating more value in marketing and promotions, the Master’s in Marketing Management program provides all the latest techniques and tools by combining both marketing and sales. It is structured around 360 hours of lectures and around 540 hours of personal study that are divided into two cycles. It also includes 600 hours of internship, placed in one of the high-profile business organizations from their partners and networks portfolio.

The core principles of marketing and communication – from an overview of the marketing and promotional tools to consumer behavior, marketing strategies, data analysis, product and brand management, key account management, and trade marketing. It also teaches about the laboratory of customer value management, CRM, sales force management, and omnichannel retailing. Additionally, the learners may also get to know about direct marketing strategies such as posters (learn more about creative marketing options from Creative Media Works or similar service providers), banners, business cards, throwing business events, etc. to network with other companies from the same industry. To help marketers deal with the digital landscapes, the program also features courses on digital culture and digital analysis.

The Master’s in Marketing at Bologna Business School uses a variety of modern teaching techniques including lectures, group assignments, discussions of case studies, presentations and testimonials from companies; etc. They also organize special lectures conducted by world-class marketers of different backgrounds – business professionals, academics, political leaders and such.

With the schools’ commitment to creating employability, they have a professional career service department to help the students since the beginning of the course. Thanks to their extensive support in every step of the job finding process, around 91% of their students start working in a company within 6-months of their graduation.

Tuition Fees & Financing

At the time of writing, the Master’s in Marketing Management program costs 14,800 euros, which can be paid in three instalments. Along with the lectures and online course materials, the tuition fees offer access to other services such as Wi-Fi, computer labs, libraries, internal gym, etc. The school also offers substantial merit-based scholarships of 6,000 euros and 4,000 euros for the most meritorious students. In collaboration with the Italian National Security Institute (INPS), they also offer a maximum scholarship of 10,000 euros for the sons and daughters of the INPS members – both deceased and alive.