New World with Old Style: 5 Reasons Having a Resume is Still Important in the Tech Age

A resume used to be the go-to document for showing you had experience. Nowadays the market has changed and many people don’t bother with keeping an old school resume, even in digital format. Even those who do tend not to update it until it’s needed, which can be a lot of work at one time.

Many people simply don’t see the advantage of having a resume these days. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you SHOULD have one.

It Does a Great Marketing Job

A resume that is cleverly constructed will do a great job of showing off your skills. Using an administrative resume template is a good start, though a proper professionally done resume would be better. With either of these methods your qualifications are laid out in an easy to read and relevant way. Resume’s are more concise than CV’s and should be pushing your best and most relevant skills for your prospective employer to look at.

Gives a Quick Overview of You

Being concise is very important these days because many employers will only skim the first page of a resume and check for arbitrary qualifications. By definition, a resume should be kept brief. Go beyond this and get to the point quickly, don’t fill a resume with fluff and filler, it’s there for the facts. The only time you should expand on your qualifications/experiences is when you need to explain how and why this is useful to your particular job.

It’s Easy to Update & Have Access to

In some ways it’s actually more handy to have a resume now than it was before the digital age. See, with digital documents, you can update your resume at any time. Keeping a copy handy also means that you can pull it up any time you like and easily pass it on to a new contact. You never know when a new opportunity could pop up, and having a resume to hand could be exactly what you need to take advantage of the opportunity!

Also Easy to Alter so Each Resume Can be Tailored

Many applications never even get read properly, so it’s important to make your application & resume stand out from the crowd. The best way to do this is alter the resume each time and make it targeted for the job you’re applying to. With good targeting you can catch the readers eye instantly and intrigue them. This is the key to getting your resume read!

A Resume is Very Flexible

There are many things you can list on a resume which you probably hadn’t thought of before. Any type of skill or experience could be relevant, but you have to show the employer how and why that is – remembering to keep it brief as well! When listing unusual skills/experiences, it’s best to give a BRIEF explanation of why it’s relevant to your application.

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