New Year Parties at The Shangri La Casino

Bright New Year parties are a wonderful tradition of all good casinos. Winter holidays are organized in order to give guests a New Year’s mood and a chance to compete for a large cash prize or an exclusive gift. Participants will be able to enjoy a magnificent show program, taste delicious dishes and get unforgettable emotions.

Storm International, said Darren Keane, company’s managing director, conducts a series of New Year’s eve parties in all network ‘s casinos. If you want to cheer yourself up, you must definitely look into one of the Shangri La units, play your favorite games, get nice cash bonuses and joyful emotions.

The winter holidays period is the best time to book a junket tour to Riga, Minsk, Tbilisi or Yerevan, where the casino network operates. The junket tours buyers automatically become participants in all entertainment events, private parties and casino draws.

So, what has the Shangri La casino network prepared for dear guests on New Year’s Eve?

Shangri La Riga: unit‘s birthday on December 14, 2019

The New Year holidays season at Shangri La Riga began on December 14th. On this day, a party was held in honor of the 2nd birthday of the unit. Sisters Zaitsev comedy duet was invited to this event. A killer stand-up and a fun entertaining show pleased the guests. Live music played in the casino, a festive buffet reception with gorgeous snacks was prepared. The evening highlight was a prize draw. The organizers did not reveal all the secrets so that guests can get a lot of pleasant impressions from unexpected surprises.

Shangri La Minsk: Lexus show on December 21, 2019

In Shangri La Minsk it has already become a tradition to play a car on New Year’s Eve. This time, on the holidays eve, the third Lexus show stage was held. The party highlight was the presentation of the Lexus RX winner. On the same day, guests found a fascinating show program and a delicious buffet reception from the casino restaurant, Mark Ulrich. But this was not all surprises: guests was able to become participants in the lottery with a valuable prizes raffle and received a pleasant gift for the New Year. They received as many as 125,000 presents!

Shangri La Tbilisi: Stormy 20‘s Party on December 14, 2019

In Georgian Shangri La unit was prepared a unique party, Stormy 20s. On this day, the establishment was decorated thematically and casino employees’ outfits was corresponded to the 20’s years. This is an interesting way to create the atmosphere of a legendary era!

The organizers have prepared a lot of pleasant surprises and cash prizes for the guests. The lottery was held on December 14, and everyone who was lucky enough to win it became even happier and richer! In the holiday honor, a special menu was offered in the casino restaurant; it was compiled by Avtandil Alikhanashvili himself, the unit chef. The menu has only insanely delicious holiday dishes, which was a great addition to the entertainment! These types of dishes can only be made by skilled individuals who know how to create a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach, that is why it is so important to have the best equipment and supplies available during this time, including conventional ovens, top range food processors (people can check out a processor here or elsewhere online), as well as crafted knives that are specifically for certain food prep. There is a lot of thought and time that goes into these dishes to create something spectacular.

Shangri La Yerevan: New Year’s party on December 27, 2019

Bright New Year’s party was held at Shangri La Yerevan on December 27, 2019. A magnificent holiday is being prepared for the guests with a grandiose design, live music, an entertaining show program and a lot of pleasant surprises. Party guests had the opportunity to participate in the 7 million AMD drawing.

To complete the sensations, a sumptuous buffet with New Year’s dishes was prepared. This was a great time to enjoy culinary masterpieces, play your favorite games and find yourself in the events center at a luxury casino!

Festive junket tours in Shangri La in the winter

New Year’s vacation is not necessarily a trip to some hot countries, you can have a perfect time at your favorite games in a luxury casino. To do this, just order a junket tour to one of the units of Storm International, Darren Keane invited.

You can buy a game tour in any network’s casino. To do this, you just need to determine the desired dates and call the unit. You only need to pay for the cost of gaming chips, transfer, accommodation in a luxury hotel, meals and entrance fees for all events held during this period in the casino, provided by the casino absolutely for free. If your visit comes on the season of New Year’s parties, you will automatically become their participants and get the opportunity to win valuable prizes and large money sums in lotteries.

You can learn more about winter parties and junket tours on the official sites of the Shangri La casino network.