The Pastimes of a Professional

The stresses and strains of professionals have long been on a sharp rise. Long working hours, tough to reach work targets, traffic woes, family commitments and the pressure to succeed represent a heavy load for professionals. Burn-out has now become a common ill and many wonder, just how to destress. Even just switching off can be difficult, the racing mind doesn’t lend itself to easy calming.

The Importance of Hobbies

Experts propagate getting a good night’s sleep, regular exercise, meditation, reduction in intake of caffeine and alcohol, and good communication at work and at home as the main counter-measures. Taking up an enjoyable pastimes is the last, but perhaps the most effective stress-buster on the list.

Most Popular Stress-Busting Hobbies

Professional of all ages have discovered a number of top stress-relief pastimes, said to effectively break them out of the rat-trap, at least temporarily:

  • Sports and Exercise: Sports are the most popular stress-relief methods and it matters little, which sporting activity you choose. Golf, team sports, tennis, running, swimming, surfing, boxing and all other sporting activities are effective. By engaging in strenuous physical activity, the mind has a tendency to release racing thought processes.
  • Yoga and Meditation: Meditation and yoga are particularly popular among women. Though it may take some time to master both yoga and meditation, the calm achieved during yoga and meditation are said to last well into the working week.
  • Home Chores – Cooking, Baking and Gardening: There is great joy in simplicity and professionals the world over have been leaving work woes behind while doing these basic home tasks.
  • Gaming: Popular particularly among young men, gaming is enormously popular and covers everything from mobile gaming apps, conventional gaming consoles right through to casino games.
  • Music: The joy of playing an instrument is unrivaled and listening to music or going to a concert are just as effective.
  • Walking the Dog: The loyalty and love of a dog will cheer anyone up. If you own a dog, you will have to bring him for regular walks, forcing you to take break out of your stress cycle.
  • Art and Crafts: Knitting, crochet, painting by numbers, sketching, scrapbooking, DIY and all other crafting activities also offer ample stress relief and enjoyment.
  • Comedy and Entertainment: Watching a good movie or seeing the work of a good comedian will also lift you out of your hamster wheel.

A Busy Body Silences a Racing Mind

All of the above activities involve some form of physical activity, or fully engage the mind. A physically challenged body and captivated mind will draw you out of your pressure cooker. Ultimately, these are all invaluable distractions, essential for survival.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to carve out time for a hobby each day and not just leave it all till the weekend. Chances are, that your work will be more efficient and your ability to cope will increase. Failing to pursue a passion leads to nervous exhaustion and you will end up having to take time off work for a stress related illness.

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