The Perks of Being an Uber Driver and How To Get Them

Do Uber drivers make more money than cab drivers? Well, going by what the ones I have spoken to said, it certainly seems that way. Though Uber leaves you in charge of the car, its maintenance, and insurance, most drivers agree that driving for Uber comes with a fair share of perks.

How Do You Become an Uber Driver?

There are a few requirements you must meet to join the Uber Driver Team, however, if you are a cab driver already, meeting the Uber terms and conditions will not pose any problems. You need to be 21 or older, in possession of a clean driver’s license, and your background check must come out sparkling. If you do not have a driving license yet, you would need to take lessons and prepare for undergoing the driving test. Ensure that you pass it with flying colors.
In the event that you have reserved a test date for the road test but for whatever reason don’t feel that you are ready, then do yourself a favor and have it postponed to a latter date. Take advantage of online services like and you should be able to cancel your current test date and move it ahead by up to 68 days.

Anyway, coming back to the topic, in the course of processing through the Uber application procedures, all of this information will be verified and you will be good to go. However, there is a possibility of fake criminal records added against your name, which may deny you the much-needed driver’s job. It is recommended to seek help from a lawyer (similar to a background check lawyer in Denver) to resolve the dispute regarding background checks.

Uber Drivers Use Their Own Vehicles

Therein lies the big difference between a conventional cab driver and a Uber driver. As an Uber driver, you are solely responsible for your car and Uber has set a number of stipulations you must adhere to:

  • The Car must be registered in-state, however, it does not have to be registered in your name.
  • Your name must be on the insurance certificate
  • You are responsible for the maintenance of the car and the vehicle must pass an Uber inspection before you can start driving.

As soon as you and your car have met all the Uber criteria, you can start driving.

How Does Driving for Uber Work

Uber joins drivers and passengers via a convenient phone app. Passengers enter their location and destination on the Uber app, the information is then picked up by an Uber driver in the vicinity and hey presto, we have a match.

Uber Black and Uber Pop

Uber has two vehicles classes. Uber Black vehicles are limousine type vehicles, and Uber also specifies which vehicles are suitable for Uber Pop. The company has a convenient best car list that will tell you precisely what cars are suitable in both categories. Passengers pay more for Uber Black rides and drivers earn accordingly.

Uber Driver Locations

There are Uber drivers across all continents, in hundreds and hundreds of cities and the number keeps on growing. Interestingly, the cab fares vary quite considerably and if you want to know where the most money is to be made, you should spend some time studying best places to drive Uber list. Major cities in the US offer the best earning potential for Uber drivers, but cities all across the globe see Uber drivers make a decent living.

Big Fat Bank Account – Fair Fares for Drivers At Last!

Drivers in popular Uber cities all across the world have finally left the struggles of cab driving behind and are now enjoying a better standard of living and getting paid a decent wage. The life of a cab driver is never easy, but at least with Uber, drivers are remunerated adequately.