Product Placement on The Retail Shelf

Getting premium placement on the retail shelf is often the difference between roaring success and total failure. Businesses want their product to sell well, but they can’t do that if they do not utilize the resources to hand, from packaging to marketing with that packaging. They can do this by placing an advertising spot inside retail stores that promotes their product, as well as using digital signage like a samsung portrait tv for advertisement. If the store does not have one, they can provide their own with their setup. All of it comes together to help their product get that recognition.

Retail packaging design can be quite complicated, since so many factors have to be taken into account. One must consider packaging functionality, product protection requirements, (in some cases) retailer packaging requirements, target market(s), seasonality, value proposition, competitive analysis, material cost, sustainability, color scheme, brand identity, and a number of other factors in creating the ideal package. There are different types of packaging that need to be used for products, so it is important that retail businesses do their research first to ensure they are meeting the correct requirements, as well as being environmentally conscious. For instance, if they use plastic packaging, they may want to switch it out for PET plastics and PCR materials that are friendly to the environment and considered a substantial replacement for traditional plastics. It’s a complicated and ever-changing affair, since packaging trends, customer preferences, and retail marketing best practices change at a rapid rate. It’s no wonder that retailers choose to work with experts like Epic Packaging (check this site out here) to design and create the best packaging possible to help their products attract customers in-store.

As the resource explains, there are two basic aspects of earning a top spot on the shelf: packaging design and marketing. If the product’s package doesn’t grab the shopper’s attention, it’s probably not going to sell well no matter where it’s positioned. If the product has the most eye-grabbing package in the world but the retailer isn’t sold on showcasing it, sales will similarly disappoint. For more insights about retail product placement, please continue reading.