Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency in Your Business

As a small business owner, boosting your profits will be high on your agenda. By controlling your costs and reducing your overheads, you could be able to make some simple reductions in your business expenditure and avoid the mistakes that many businesses make.

Here are three areas where your business could potentially save money.

  1. Use Web-based Communication

Taking advantage of the web-based communication tools that are available can help you reduce the amount of travel that is required in your business. The expense of train tickets, fuel or flights for business meetings can be drastically reduced simply by using a video calling service like Skype.

Their Skype for Business service allows you to make international calls, send instant messages and hold conference calls with up to 250 people, so long as they have a working phone line or internet connection to join the online meeting place.

Cut the cost of business travel and consider moving your communications online.

  1. Outsource Your Deliveries

Using a specialist delivery service could help you make some considerable savings in your business. You could save up to 25% on your annual shipping costs by using a service like Inxpress, who have a network of shipping experts to save you time, effort and money on your deliveries.

Not only can this help you save money but it can also take away the stress of meeting delivery deadlines as the specialists will take care of it all for you.

  1. Move to the Cloud

Many businesses are moving to cloud computing to improve their business operations. By using a cloud system, your business will be saving money on the cost of hardware that often requires extensive support, maintenance and large-scale repairs. It can also mean that you can reduce the number of IT staff you need to provide support for the system.

Other benefits for businesses considering moving to the cloud include:

  • Cheaper to run – no hardware required, meaning lower maintenance costs
  • Increased security – you will no longer have to worry about misplaced laptops or hard-drives
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Increased collaboration – teams can access, edit and share documents wherever they are
  • Better document control – there is only one version of a document rather than multiple copies emailed back and forth

If you’re hoping to keep your business costs down in 2017, you should consider looking at making changes in the above areas. Streamlining your business operations in these three ways could be your first step towards running a more efficient and cost-effective business.