Save your credit and steer clear of filing bankruptcy – Are you sure of the steps?

For most consumers in the struggling economic conditions, debt has become a way of life. Sometimes the burden gets so overwhelming that the only way out is to file bankruptcy. Nevertheless, as bankruptcy has a devastating impact on your credit score, it is always recommended that you try out the alternative options that can save you from harming your credit. You can either take out online loans from for combining all your high interest loans or look for other ways for repaying your debt.

In case you require filing bankruptcy, you should know the importance of exploring all the alternatives. Once you complete the process, you have to start rebuilding your credit score. Let’s take a quick look at the ways in which you can avoid filing bankruptcy.

#1: Should you consider parting with few assets?

There must be several things that you can spare to lose at home. How about selling them off and paying off your debts? As soon as you notice that you’re struggling to make payments on your debts, take action immediately. If you make the mistake of delaying until you become delinquent on your payments, you’ll be caught in the trap of hiked interest rates and harassing calls from creditors. Sell off your furniture, electronics and jewelry on Craigslist or eBay.

#2: Should you trigger off your high interest debts?

Do you have the ability to trigger off your debts over an extended time period? If you thought of filing Chapter 13 or Chapter 7, you’d have to pay them off if you either wished to save an asset or if you couldn’t pass the Means Test. Plan by cutting off your cable connection or landline phone or halting that monthly magazine subscription and use that money to pay off your debt. You may also start a part-time job to boost your income.

#3: Should you check if creditors can help you avert bankruptcy?

From the perspective of the creditors, they would rather get little money rather than no money. Inform the creditors that you’re going through a financial crisis and that you wish to avoid bankruptcy. In case you’re willing to pay off the debt, request them to lower the burden by reducing your monthly installments and lowering the rate of interest.

#4: Should you settle your debt with debt collectors and creditors?

Have you heard of debt settlement? Financial experts always advise against debt settlement under normal circumstances. But if you’re on the verge of filing bankruptcy, this is definitely not a normal situation. Stay away from leveraging the assistance of a debt settlement company as too much extra money and time goes towards these companies without getting any effective result. Concentrate on those debts which have been charged off or those that have been sent to the debt collection agencies.

Use the 24Cash Bankruptcy Guide to know more on how to rebound post bankruptcy especially with regards to your credit score. Nevertheless, try your best to stay away from filing bankruptcy by trying out the above listed alternatives.