Sell your Home Faster Through an Online Estate Agent?

It is no secret that online estate agents are a great way to sell your home if you are particularly interested in saving money. This is because these agents do not possess a physical premise hence do not have to budget for the associated overheads like utility bills, and a fleet of vehicles among other things.

As such, they can pass these savings on to their customers. In fact, with a good strategy you can be sure to sell your house fast through an online estate agent. When comparing a quick house sale to a traditional sale there are a few point that your need to consider:

  • Make all the traditional preparations you would do when selling through a high street estate agent. That is, think about repairs, improving the curb appeal, decluttering, some paintwork and even introducing additional space or showing the buyer the potential of some of the rooms. Bottom line, ensure that you take care of anything that may be seen as being negative in photographs, a poster or newspapers when posted online. If you have a sizable lawn, you may need some assistance getting it to look its best for photos and viewings. Check out professional lawn maintenance services like this in your area for help –
  • Once you as satisfied with the preparations that you have made to the property, you may then get in touch with the estate agent and inquire from them where the property will be advertised. The majority will usually go for reputable sites namely Zoopla and Rightmove that attract 40 and 70 million people respectively.

This is crucial because online estate agents who work with have a limitation in the sense that apart from placing the for sale add on their website, they are not allowed to place the same advert on one of the other sites and not both. While this may seem to be an advantage considering that, is run by high street agents this site’s effectiveness and appeal does not attract as many numbers as its rivals.

  • Discuss the estate agent fee and terms of engagement. Keep in mind that while the high street estate agent will charge a fee of between 1-4% of the sale price, online estate agents usually offer a fixed fee.
  • The online estate agent will analyze the properties that are similar to yours within your location before give you an estimated asking price for your property. Ultimately, you get to set the price yourself thus, you may need to carry out independent research and compare with the price suggested by the online estate agent. Besides, if you realize that time is of essence in your undertakings then you might as well consider lowering your price if it will pay dividends.
  • With the property listed, you will receive regular updates on viewings. In most instances, you will be in charge of conducting viewings so you need to ensure that you are prepared to carry on with the process until you find a suitable buyer.

Generally, the major difference in the process is the communication method. Moreover, the feedback is faster thereby, allowing direct communication with the prospective buyer and subsequent faster resolution of issues. This speed is what makes the difference,as you are able to sell your house fast, usually a matter of weeks unlike when selling through the high street estate agents that could take you months.