Should you Chase your Dream Job?

Growing up our teachers and parents instilled this notion that you can become anything you wanted and that the sky’s the limit or better yet, you are only limited to your imagination. But then as you grew older your options seemed to be getting fewer with each passing day.

Do you recall when you wanted to become a firefighter but now you are working as a bank teller? Maybe you wanted to travel the world hosting trade show exhibits but now you are an accountant working in a small compartment. Sooner or later you will realize that these jobs don’t fulfil you. But should you really chase your dream job? Below we discuss.

There is success in the statistics, so chase your dream.

Everywhere you look there are countless stories about people who left their previous jobs to pursue their dream jobs. And guess what? It worked out. You are not a bad person for wanting to live your dreams even as an adult. But one thing is for sure, success cannot happen overnight.

A dream job is different for each person. Some may get a lot of satisfaction from getting a huge monthly check while others are not interested in money but the feeling of doing something they like. The first steps are always the most difficult but you will get there.

Life gets bearable.

We have one life to live, and we should make the most of it. If you are passionate about something, just go ahead and do it. Working towards a dream is the greatest feeling you will ever get. As you pass every milestone, you are fulfilled beyond your wildest imagination and life gets meaning once more. Risking your financial stability— especially if you have people who depend on you is however not the way to go. If you are fast to quit your current job without a plan you might end up hurting your loved ones. So, plan first before taking the leap of faith.

Passion can drive success.

Quitting your current job to pursue your dream job does not necessarily mean that you will go bankrupt. Passion pushes you to success. Being stuck in a job that you don’t care about can be stressing to body, mind, and soul and leaves you less driven to succeed than when you are following your dreams.

It makes you proud.

Most parts of our lives we spend trying to please others but in the real sense we are only accountable to ourselves. Quitting your executive position job to follow your dream job of being a painter sounds ridiculous to many people. But if being a painter is what makes you feel right then that is what you should be doing. Feeling proud of yourself gives you the will to push forward.

You will never ask “What if?”

In the end, it leaves you with no regrets. When you are on your last breath, you won’t be sad and depressed wondering what life you could have led if you had the guts to quit your job and follow your dreams. You will be enjoying the experiences by then.

Following your dreams might sound like a cliché in this time and day, but the reality of life is that if you want to have a meaningful life, then you should do what feels right in your heart.