Starting a Web Development Agency in 2020

Web development is one of the easiest careers to get into in 2020, but that can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time. A blessing because you can simply learn to code online, for free even, provided you know where to look, and a curse because you’ll be coming up against a torrent of competitors. Not to worry though, because starting a Web Development agency in 2020 and succeeding takes the kind of creative thinking which we’ve thrashed out a pathway to for you!

Target a speciality niche from the onset

Web development jobs are awarded to those agencies and even freelancers who are seen to be specialists in their targeted niche. You’d do well to target a niche to specialise in right from the onset, such as how you might be looking to offer development solutions around the casino games niche. Resist the temptation to just want to go as a highly skilled agency which can offer development services for any niche. If you ever achieve that tag it should be something that happens organically and not something which you’re specifically looking to accomplish as your primary objective.

Master the basics

There are all manner of shortcuts presented to anyone looking to get into web development with people looking for web design services in particular – the very thing that attracts customers to a company. In fact, there are entire agencies built on developing websites with something like WordPress, for instance. They add all manner of plug-ins to take things to the next level and deliver something close to what can be referred to as full-stack web application development…

Don’t take this path. There’s nothing wrong with learning to develop using Content Management Systems such as WordPress, but do this only once you’ve mastered the basics of web development. If you are confused about how to go about it, you can reach out to experts that tend to specialize in Web App Development in Raleigh, NC (or in your vicinity), ask them related questions, and learn from them in detail. If this is indeed the path that interests you, you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to in saying that this way you’ll be able to make source-code modifications to the likes of some WordPress templates and themes you might be using for a client to account for a more customised end-product.

Learn the basics – you need to know exactly what you’re talking about when dealing with prospective big clients, which is who you’ll subsequently be targeting.

Work on paying-projects to build your portfolio

As part of the process of building up your portfolio, work on projects that in themselves have the ability to generate revenue. For instance, I mentioned the casino gaming industry, in which case you don’t necessarily have to work on building an engine for a brand new casino site from scratch, but you can rather work on a series of CMS-driven (operated through a Content Management System) blogs on which you publish content related to the online casino gaming industry, which can then be monetised through something like referral links, of course…

It’s easier to sell completed solutions

To extend on the topic of building portfolio items that in themselves generate revenue, if you build complete solutions in this way then it becomes much easier to sell them to prospective clients. Show a prospective blogger a complete CMS blog that perhaps has e-commerce functionality during your sales pitch demonstration, for instance, and you’re much more likely to close the sale!