Taking Care of Business in Valencia

Business travelers need to be focused on getting things done. You must be committed to your trip’s mission. It’s a good thing technology is a big help for businesspeople like you. It keeps you connected to your office and contacts. It allows you to do research, work, and create presentations even when on-the-go. But technology isn’t the only things you need for this trip. You also need to plan your accommodation, what to wear and whether or not you can sneak in some quiet time in between meetings with clients. This article will focus on those plus the best accommodation options a business traveler have if flying out to Valencia, California.

Keep Productive Even When On-The-Go

Technology is your best friend when doing business travels. As previously stated, it allows you to remain productive at all time. What should you bring then for this kind of trip?

First, you need your handy smartphone. This all-in-one device is your lifeline. It can keep you updated on your schedule, emails and is also a great communication tool to connect with your business partners. It is also a great device to keep you entertained during downtime and when you need some uplifting.

Second, a trustworthy bag. While the world is slowly embracing all things digital, there are some that prefer the old fashion paper and pen. A good and dependable bag capable of carrying all documents should be a great investment. It should be something big enough to fit in all your devices plus essential business documents. But it also needs to be small enough as to not look like you are going in for a hike.

Lastly, all the cords that connect your devices to wall sockets and other devices or ports. Many may think that having their smartphone or laptop is enough for a business meeting. However, there are times when your device’s juices run out or when you need to do an impromptu presentation. Having a small bag with all essential cables plus battery packs or power bricks will save your day.

Hotels in Valencia CA Fit for Business Travelers

Businesspeople needs a different set of amenities and services from the normal crowd of hotel guests. They may have some time for some unwinding, but the main purpose of their trip is to get some things done. Given that, it is a must for you to book a hotel that caters to business travelers. Additionally, you will want to make sure that not only is your hotel appropriate for business, but your mode of travel too! Your company might insist you take a private jet for your trip, perhaps booked on Jettly or a similar private jet booking website, to make sure you are in a calm environment to take those all important business calls.

Hyatt Regency Valencia is an upscale full-service hotel located near the city’s business center and tourist attractions. It offers guests comfortable rooms that include necessities like free Wi-Fi, marble baths, and a flat-screen high definition television set. The hotel also has spaces dedicated to hosting meetings, several on-site restaurants and bars, and a fitness center. Courtyard by Marriott Santa Clarita Valencia, Embassy Suites by Hilton Valencia and Best Western Valencia Inn are other popular options for business travelers.

Unwind After a Day’s Work

Business trips don’t mean being on call 24/7. You can also squeeze some time for a little rest and relaxation. It helps you re-energize and prepare for the next day’s battle. Valencia has the right mix of business and fun. It is home to the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park, and the gorgeous Placerita Canyon Nature Center and the Gibson Conservation Center.

In terms of food, the city offers a wide variety of flavors. Salt Creek Grill and Bella Cucina are high-end places for dining your client while Egg Plantation, Newhall Refinery, Flames and Skewers and Poke to Me are for when you want some grab and go casual finds.