What Tech Companies Should Know About Marketing

It’s easy to hear about all the tech company success stories where these organizations come out of nowhere and quickly are on the road to what seems like world domination, but what about those other countless companies that aren’t so lucky? It could be a result of a failure to market correctly.

Tech companies face a different set of circumstances when it comes to how to best market their product or service, and they need to be aware of what’s going to work for them in terms of reaching their audience.

The following are some tips for tech companies to market their product or service.

Show Don’t Tell

Technology products or services can be complex and difficult to understand, even for tech-savvy audiences. The very idea of tech is that it’s novel and something that hasn’t been done before, but with that comes the complexity you may face when it comes to marketing that to an audience that can potentially have no idea what you’re talking about.

When you’re marketing in the tech sector, you want to make sure you’re showing rather than telling. A good way to do this is through the use of whiteboard animations, or videos. Animations or videos make it much easier to take something that would otherwise be hard to understand for a general audience and make it clear and simple.

Product Demos

In addition to general explainer videos, you will also likely need product demos that are part of your overall marketing package. When you’re creating demos, you might feel the need to pour all of the love you feel for your product or service into that video, and what happens is that you either bore your audience, or you overcomplicate things to the point where they don’t even know what you’re selling.

Despite how much work you’ve put into your new technology, with your demos make sure it’s simple, to-the-point and relevant to your audience.

Tell A Story

Technology can be tough to sell, particularly if it really is a completely new idea because your audience isn’t going to be sure how it relates to them. It’s a challenge to connect technology to your audience, so in order to overcome this marketing obstacle, work on telling a story rather than selling something.

When you create a story surrounding your technology you can build a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your audience, while still providing knowledge of your product and showing how it can fit into the lives of the members of your target audience.

Audience Education

Finally, a key way for tech companies to market themselves is through the provision of educational materials to their audience. Technology is inherently about knowledge and forward thinking, so capture these concepts with your marketing materials. For example, regularly publish whitepapers that are relevant to your product or service.

You can also rely on content from experts within your industry because experts are revered in the tech industry in general.

You want people to see your tech company as an authority, and then that builds your credibility and helps all of your marketing resonate more with your audience.

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