The 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in the USA

Most job-seekers in the market today want jobs that have a decent pay. The changing economic and social landscapes have made it possible to evaluate the average rewards that a worker should get for their services. While it is not easy to come up with actual figures of the rewards that come with every job, there is a general average that you can expect when working in certain fields. The following is a compilation of the 10 highest-paying jobs in the USA.


Physicians in the USA have a median annual pay of about $200,000. This makes them the highest paid individuals. Generally, the medical professions have some great rewards and physicians just happen to top the list. Physicians do the general medical examination of patients and also make a diagnosis of various ailments. There are several thousand physician jobs available in the US market every year.

2. Pharmacist

Following closely in the medical realm are pharmacists. Pharmacists are primarily involved with medical drugs. They distribute drugs to patients and they can be found in any major health institution. Pharmacists also advice physicians on various issues including medication therapy among other things that relate specifically to drugs. Over-the-counter drugs are also issued by pharmacists to patients at the recommendation of a physician. The average annual pay of a pharmacist is $140,000.

3. Architect

Enterprise architects are at the top of the pay grade in the construction industry. Architects are paid about $120,000 annually. Even though the construction industry undergoes many changes over the course of time, the salary of architects does not change a lot. The work of architects involves the designing, planning, and inspection of the construction work.

4. Trader

Traders in the financial world are also among the best-paid professionals. The average salary of a trader is about $120,000. The income can, however, go much higher than that as the profession is capable of producing millionaires. Shrewd traders who have mastered the nature of the business usually have a much easier time scaling up the heights of the pay structure. Developing some business acumen is thus necessary for professional traders.

5. Corporate Counsel

Corporate counsels are at the top of the salary scale in the USA. This specific occupation in the legal realm is rewarding because of the many high profile legal services that counsel provide to big business firms. The average annual salary of a corporate counsel in 2018 is 115,000. The salary can, however, be many times more than this figure as the nature of corporates is very complex.

6. Software Development Manager

The IT jobs have seen a huge resurgence in recent years. In 2018, the IT industry is now more fragmented than ever before. There are many job categories and descriptions available. The highest paying IT job, however, is software development. Software development managers are specifically at the top of the structure, receiving an annual pay of about $110,000. Software development managers are involved with providing leadership in complex software development projects.

7. Software Engineering Manager

Software engineering managers closely follow software development managers. With an average annual salary of about $110,000, these professionals are among the highest paid in the IT world. Software engineering managers are involved specifically in heading the engineering department of the development team.

8. Nurse

The average salary of a nurse in the USA is about $107,000. This puts the profession firmly among the most paying in the industry. Nurses are involved in a wide range of activities in the medical world but the most common task is attending to patients. Nurses also act as the link between doctors and patients. They administer the drugs and also provide general care to patients in hospitals.

9. Applications Development Manager

With the world embracing mobile telephony en masse, it is no doubt that IT jobs are some of the best paying. An applications development manager earns about $105,000 every year. This profession involves overseeing app building projects. An applications development manager will assign various tasks to the team and supervise the execution of the tasks.

10. IT Program Manager

Finally, an IT program manager is involved in the general supervision of IT projects. IT program managers are trained to handle big teams that are involved in various capacities in the IT industry. An IT program manager earns around $102,000 annually. This profession also involves the development of projects and also includes various oversight roles.