The 35- to 44-Year-Old Career Golden Bracket

I remember, very well, how my career found me instead of me finding it. That’s kind of how I made the transition into running a company, helping people with finding their sweetest spot as far as their careers go. I have some very interesting insights to report on, as a result, with a particular interest group I want to focus this piece on.

That would be the age group of 35-year-olds to 44 years, making up what I refer to as being in the “golden career bracket”.

Proof It’s Never Too Late

Something rather magical appears to happen during these career golden years of age 35 to 44. Whether the professionals we’re dealing with fall into the data group of those who’ve only ever had one career (73%), or indeed if they’re looking for a career change, the fact that many successfully do so within this age group proves that it’s never too late.

It’s never too late to make a career change or get started for the very first time in the professional world. Successful entrepreneurs mostly take the form of those who had no other choice but resort to business to make ends meet, the subsequent success which has since afforded them the freedom to entertain the option of perhaps enrolling in an official academic course.

Of course you know what that means, right? It means they choose a field of study they really want to pursue, as opposed to that decision of what to enroll to study being informed purely by job prospects.

The All-Important Experience Factor

In the short lifetime of someone falling within the starter group of professionals (18-24), it’s perhaps unfathomable to imagine ever starting a whole new career, after the 10+ years to come. But once that so-called golden career bracket is reached, a whole new perspective is realized.

It all comes down to just the right mix of experience and still having loads of strength and energy, in the 35-44 pro career age group. Professionals in this age group have also been observed to have clearly defined personal life goals to inform their career goals, like the eldest child perhaps nearing college age, etc.

In the ICI Education survey about what careers mean to the respondents, it is indeed this golden bracket, plus about 10 years (35-54 years), in which it was indicated for professionals to be most fulfilled in their careers. This is seemingly when all the career stars align and one has enough experience to know exactly what’s what and can perhaps predict with the greatest accuracy the impact of a career move they’re contemplating the making of.