These 6 LinkedIn Tricks Will Increase On-Page Engagement

LinkedIn is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. According to Statista, LinkedIn had more than 465 million members in the third quarter of 2016. And, though the days of breakneck growth are probably behind it, the company continues to add users at an enviable rate.

LinkedIn’s popularity cuts both ways. On the bright side, it means lots of potential visitors to your page. On the not-so-bright side, it means lots of noise to break through.

Don’t despair. These six tricks can boost your LinkedIn engagement without placing undue burdens, financial or otherwise, on your team. 

  1. Double Check All Link Images 

Before you hit “Post,” check that the link image fits with the link’s destination. Third-party links sometimes produce irrelevant or downright nonsensical link images — for instance, the default image for the destination’s top domain, rather than the header image for the sub-page to which you’re actually linking.

Readers notice little slip-ups like this. For better or worse, they confer an impression of carelessness that makes visitors (at least, some) less likely to engage with your page. 

  1. Post Frequently 

Post as often as you can, even if it means adding a few hours to your marketing team’s schedule. This company’s LinkedIn profile is a great example of the cumulative power of regular posts: a steady one-per-day drip during the workweek, each covering a different topic. Don’t be fooled by lower per-post engagement figures — in the aggregate, more frequent posts mean more views, likes, and shares. 

  1. Time Your Posts Properly 

Time your posts for maximum exposure. Publishing earlier in the morning, before the workday kicks off, is generally the best bet. Early evening is the second best slot; lunchtime works in a pinch. If you have clients or employees across multiple time zones, stagger posts accordingly. 

  1. Ask Questions and Invite Comment 

Engagement happens when you invite it. End LinkedIn posts with a question or open-ended statement that invites comment. And don’t be afraid to take bold stances on salient topics. A little good-natured back-and-forth is a net positive for your page, as long as you keep things civil. 

  1. Watch Your Analytics 

As the old saying goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Use LinkedIn’s robust analytics suite to keep tabs on your page’s performance. Pay close attention to your follower demographics and competitor comparisons — these metrics illuminate potential buyer groups and provide clues to further improve engagement. 

  1. Change Up Your Profile Art 

Change up your banner images and profile picture every so often. You want arresting, engaging imagery that captures what your brand stands for and catches your visitors’ eyes — and you want to rotate said imagery often enough not to bore repeat visitors. 

LinkedIn Is Better With Friends 

These six strategies won’t bear fruit overnight. Burnishing your LinkedIn profile is a long-term prospect, particularly if you’re starting from scratch. But one thing is clear: Your business will be better off with a corporate LinkedIn profile that attracts engagement from customers, prospects, and industry thought leaders.

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