Time Management Hacks You May Not Be Using

Benjamin Franklin said “time is money”; in the modern digital world it is possible that this saying has more meaning than ever before.

But, instead of worrying about what you could be earning with your time; you should be considering where you can save time. Chances are this will actually help you to save money or even generate a larger profit.

For example, a business which uses professional resources to understand complex issues such as state law, business structure or tax; will not waste time trying to locate specific information.

The experts can provide the information you need in much less time; allowing you to focus on what matters; your customers.

Here are some other time management hacks to help you save money and improve your customer service. Or they can simply give you more free time!

Use A Calendar

It doesn’t matter if you use a paper calendar or an electronic one. Having a calendar will allow you to schedule your appointments and make the most of all the time you have available.


Whenever you need to meet colleagues or attend a business meeting make sure you have an agenda for all the attendees. This will help to keep the meeting on track and ensure it does not go on for any longer than it needs to.

Digital Technology

The smart phone is a great invention but it can also be extremely distracting. The same is true of a variety of modern electronic gadgets. If you need these gadgets then you should schedule times when to check them and when to switch them off.

If they aren’t necessary for your work then turn them off; you’ll be amazed at how much more work you can complete.


No one likes to be a slave to a routine but it has been shown to be an effective way of managing your time and preventing wasting time. This is because it eliminates the need to figure out what you are doing next.

It can also prevent procrastination as you don’t need to think about what you are about to do.

Choose Less

When he was President Barack Obama ate the same breakfast every morning and limited his suits to 3 colors. In the process he removed the simple, yet time consuming, decisions from his day; keeping his time free to run the country.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You may be surprised at how much time can be lost by something as simple as clicking select, save, then confirming instead of just hitting ctrl and S at the same time. Knowing your shortcuts can help you to free up a lot of time every day.

Batch It Up

You may find it easier to batch tasks together to help you focus on one thing and get it done. This can often be easier than stopping and starting the same task throughout the day.

Track It

You may not feel the need to justify what you do every minute of the day but if you do record it for a few days you’ll quickly see how much time you are actually wasting!


One thing that many bosses struggle to do is delegate the task. Perhaps you feel no one can do the job as well as you.

Give someone a chance; they may surprise you and you’ll gain time for more important tasks.

You don’t actually need to run round like a headless chicken; you can achieve much more by simply taking a step back and reviewing what you do and what you need to do!

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