Top Careers And Professions In 2019

It’s not unusual for you to aim high in your professional career. In fact, aiming high can be the driving force for your overall success in life. With a full effort 100 percent of the time, you can meet your financial and professional hopes and dreams.

If you’re not sure what direction you may want to go with your career, it may help to be in the know in terms of what careers are the most lucrative and beneficial. Take a moment to read through this brief overview of some of the top careers and professions in 2019, and start working towards your goals today.

Software developers

If you have an affinity towards the tech industry, going to school to be a software developer is a lucrative path to travel. You would be looking at an average annual income of just over $100,000, and the unemployment rate in this field is less than two percent.

The world in which we live leans heavily upon the digital realm we have created. Developing your ability to become a part of the digital transformation in business will grant you a pretty accommodating lifestyle.

Financial managers

If you’re good with numbers, the world can never have enough financial managers. Every business needs someone to keep up with the operation’s financial profile, and a career as a financial manager will bring in an average annual income of just over $125,000.

The unemployment rate for financial managers hovers around 2.2 percent, so you don’t have to worry about job availability in this line of work. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree, and some employers favor a master’s degree in the field.


Going to school to be an orthodontist may cost you $50,000-100,000, but the education is well worth the price. The average annual income of an orthodontist is around $208,000, and the unemployment rate in the field is under one percent.

The U.S.News website also states that the stress levels in the position of orthodontist are lower than average. The work-life balance is higher than average, meaning that you will have plenty of time and money for the family.


You likely already know that a career in the healthcare industry will pay well, but being a foot doctor, such as the popular dr frank podiatrist, pays particularly well. Podiatrists make an average annual income of $127,700, and the unemployment rate of the position is just over one percent.

You’ll need a four-year Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree, and there are only nine accredited institutions in the United States. After your four-year degree, you’ll work in the field as a resident for three years.


Pediatricians make even more than podiatrists.  A kid doctor makes an average annual income of $172,000, and the unemployment rate is only half a percent.  You may have a little more stress as a pediatrician, but you’ll also have a little more in your bank account.