Top Paying Careers In 2017’s America

It would not be surprising to see a lawyer or doctor at the top of the pay scale, as their educational requirements are strenuous and extensive.  The amount of money spent on such an education, alone, should be enough to qualify a person for higher than average pay.

The surprising element to today’s job force is that the traditional 9 to 5 jobs are not necessarily where you will find the highest wages.  There are the usual suspects populating today’s list of top paying careers, but you might be surprised to find that the job market is quickly morphing into something new.

Physicians make the top for a reason

The average salary of a physician in America today is $187,876, according to the well known site, Glassdoor.  Doctors earn their lofty salaries after a long and tireless journey.  This is no easily obtained career.  The challenges of working in a hospital (or any medical setting) are indescribable.

After a prospective physician earns their bachelor’s degree, they still have at least four more years of school before becoming a licensed doctor.  The education does not stop there, either.  Medical physicians are required to complete ongoing educational courses every year to maintain their licensure to practice medicine.

Pharmacy managers make a pretty penny

Obtaining the position of pharmacy manager means you will earn an average of $149,064 per year.  This year’s salary projections for pharmacy manager are a cool 15 percent higher than last year, which bumps this position up in the rankings.

To be a pharmacy manager, you have to first complete the educational requirements of a pharmacy college, and earn the proper state licenses to legally perform the job.  Glassdoor recently reported nearly 2,400 openings for this position.

Enterprise architects build business structures

The title of this position sounds just as awesome as the actual job.  An enterprise architect plays the role of designer, but not in the traditional manner of architecture.  These architects build conceptualizations for future business structures and operations.

Enterprise architects make an average yearly income of $112,560, and they help companies find ways to better their business processes.  The position grants the ability to work in a wide range of businesses.  Glassdoor posted 1,320 openings for this position this year.

Applications development managers

Professionals working as an applications development manager oversee an organization’s key software applications to make sure everything is running as smooth as possible.  The average yearly income of this position hovers around $112,045.

Perspectives in this field should expect to acquire a bachelor’s degree in information technology or some sort of computer technologies and several years of experience before landing that dream position.

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