Top Paying Technology Careers For Self-Proclaimed Nerds

For those tech enthusiasts that live in virtual reality and dream in programming code, a career in technology may be just what the doctor ordered.  Knowledgeable technology professionals are a hot commodity in today’s job market, and businesses are paying premium salaries to obtain services.

Now is definitely the time to market your skills in the art of information technology.  Check out a quick overview of a few of the highest paying technology careers for the self-proclaimed nerds of the world.

Data Architect – $100,717 median salary

If your mind works well with math equations, then data architect might be a fitting career.  A data modeler uses applied math to build systems of information and improve the ways in which data is transferred between those systems.

Data architect takes a special kind of brilliance.  Modelers must have the ability to see numbers through charts and graphs in order to better analyze the given data.

Database Administrator – $87,330 median salary

There has to be somebody in charge of all the data entry in the world.  Database administrators gather important data and organize the information according to its source.  DBAs are responsible for securing sensitive data.

They also have to make sure it is consistent between all systems and know how to troubleshoot tech systems when something goes wrong.  Database administrator is somewhat like the super accountant of the digital world.

Systems Analyst – $96,207 median salary

When a company has to resort to calling in an IT specialist to fix the computers, that is when a systems analyst gets to go to work.  Analysts are extremely versatile tech agents that can often work in many different applications fields.

In layman’s terms, a systems analyst is responsible for understanding all the workings of a specific system, so they are able to repair anything that goes awry.

User Experience Manager – $98,353 median salary

Technology specialists are always concerned with how their designs are received and utilized by the public.  A user experience manager heads a team of designers in their journey to improve the usability of a specific software application.

For example, a team of designers working on developing new levels for a popular mobile game would have a user experience manager leading their way towards success.

Applications Development Manager – $112,045 median salary

Applications development managers maintain business operations.  They oversee planning and coordination of all the activities related to developing an organization’s specialized software applications.

Applications development managers are also responsible for upgrading the existing software applications and other systems essential to the operations of the businesses who employ them.  Without applications development, the world of business would be a very inefficient and unorganized place to work.

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