Top Tips to Find Specialist Teaching Jobs

Finding teaching jobs can be hard enough as it is, so when it comes to finding specialist teaching jobs it can be very tricky indeed. We provide some simple tips and tricks and a little guidance on how you can increase your chances of landing your dream specialist teaching job, so you can get working in no time.

Get Clear on What You are Looking For

Before you start, it’s a wise idea to get really clear on the role that you are looking for. You can start by asking yourself some simple questions so that you can narrow things down. If someone was to offer your your dream teaching job, what would it be? Where, ideally would you like the teaching job to be located (city, are or state). What would you like your role to cover. Get really specific on the details and it will make it much more easier when it comes to searching for your job.

Head to the Specialist Online Job Sites

The very place place to look for specialist teaching jobs is online, you just have to know where to look. There are numerous sites that specialize in helping you to find teaching work, you just need to be able to type in the right keyword to filter results and find what you are looking for. If you’re looking for science teacher jobs then make sure you put in specific words to the type of role that you are after, or perhaps the area or age of the pupils you would like to teach. Many of the big online job sites have a range of filter options that you can choose from. It’s also worth signing up to their job alerts system so that you can be the first to be notified when a new job in your sector becomes available.

Contacting Schools Directly

Another way to find teaching jobs is to reach out to schools directly. Perhaps you already have a school in mind that you would love to teach for. Or you can search for schools in your area or the area that you would like to teach in by looking at directories or using Google Business Search. Then email the school with a cover letter and attach your CV. Be sure to mention that even if they don’t have any jobs available at the moment then can they still keep you details on file so that they can contact you should something come up.

Increase Your Odds

Finally, there are a few small things that you can do in order to increase your chances of landing your teaching job. Make sure that your CV is properly formatted and up to date. You can choose to have a resume writer edit it so that it makes you look more professional and fitting for the role. Also, always choose to personalize your application for the school that you are applying to.

Follow the above tips and you will be well on your way to finding that job. Good luck!

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