Top Tips to Modernize A Construction Business

Construction businesses face massive challenges, as the industry is based on macro events and the domestic and global economy. Even the slightest shift can entirely change the outlook for this sector, and then even beyond economic indicators, there are things like seasonal considerations and localized trends that all have to be carefully considered.

These factors make it essential that construction businesses and the industry as a whole modernize itself, but even massive construction companies tend to fall behind when it comes to having the up-to-date tools and technologies to make data-guided decisions and weather potential storms as they arise.

The following are some of the tips to modernize a construction business.

Use Expense Management Software

Having advanced, effective expense management in construction is essential, but too often overlooked.  Expense management software in the construction industry allows for companies to ensure they’re properly managing their cash flow and cost control systems, whether they’re in a boom or bust economy.

A construction company, whether it’s a home builder that works across a region or a multinational engineering firm, needs to have visibility into where spending is happening, and that needs to be balanced against ROI. A construction firm likely has many layers of leadership, tradespeople and administrative professionals and with a modern expense management system, there’s more visibility and control.

It’s also worth noting that budget overruns are one of the biggest hurdles faced by members of the construction industry. If you can spot those potential overruns before they happen, your ROI is going to improve.

For example, it may be that you see after looking at reports from your expense management software that you should be renting equipment as opposed to buying, so rather than just holding on to the old way of doing things you can save money as you modernize.

Establish KPIs

In an effort to modernize practices, establish key performance indicators or KPIs for each project. Being able to analyze data, identify patterns and effectively make information-based changes is important in any industry, but it’s a place where construction companies tend to lag behind. They may use the progress of the project as their only KPI, but other metrics should be assessed.

For example, look at cost variance, earned and planned value, and ROI for the profitability of projects.

Improve Communication

As was touched on above, even for a single construction project there are so many stakeholders and so many moving parts going on constantly. To modernize, businesses should start looking for better, faster and more streamlined communication tools.

This will not only help avoid unnecessary mistakes and lags that could be eliminated with better communication, but it will also provide more support for remote employees.

Employees for projects may be hundreds of miles or more away from the home office of their employer, and that employer needs to be able to quickly communicate with them in a way that’s efficient.

With tips like the ones above, there are more opportunities for resource planning and staying on budget, as well as having a more effective workforce.

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