Turning Around An Angry Customer: How Your Support Team Can Provide Magic Moments

If you want to improve your customer support, you might have already heard of the term ‘magic moments.’ This is where you turn angry customers into happy customers by providing them with a solution to their problem or going above and beyond what they expect.

This can sometimes be responsible for converting unhappy customers into your most enthusiastic brand advocates.

But how do you actually go about achieving these?

There are many ways you could improve your chances of getting more magic moments, and here are some of the best that you can try in your own business.

Use Helpdesk Software to Create Magic Moments

The first thing you should do to improve your chances of creating more magic moments in your business is to use specialist helpdesk software. A solution like SysAid’s help desk can provide a number of useful features that you can use to improve your customer support.

For example, helpdesk software will help you to create a far more efficient system for dealing with requests from customers. This will help to ensure you respond quickly to every request and provide relevant solutions sooner.

You could also set up your ticket system to send an auto-reply to let customers know that you are looking into their query as soon as they send it in, which can help to reassure them.

You can also create a repository of knowledge that your agents can access quickly to find the right solutions faster. The sooner you solve problems, the more likely you are to impress your customers.

And you can use specialist software to ensure tickets go straight to the right team with the relevant knowledge to solve the issue quickly.

Even having a good knowledge base can be very useful. An angry customer might want to find information quickly, and they could do this by using your comprehensive knowledge base that is easy to search.

You can also provide more options such as live chat, for example. Some customers will want to talk to someone directly rather than send an email, so this can be worth using.

Other Tactics You Can Use to Turn Around a Negative Situation

As well as using specialist helpdesk software, there are other steps you can take to improve the chances of getting more magic moments. One of the most important is to launch a reputation management strategy.

This is where you use specialist software to keep track of your brand mentions online, such as in social media or blog comments. You can then respond quickly to any complaints.

Customers may become frustrated with something and decide to vent online. But if you react quickly, you can offer them a solution and show what you take their custom seriously. If you resolve the situation quickly, you might impress these customers so much that they start recommending your business instead of complaining about it.

The added benefit of this is that other potential customers might see how professionally you handle the situation and how seriously you take your customer service, encouraging them to become customers themselves.

Provide Training to Your Support Team

As well as reputation management and using helpdesk software, there are some more general techniques that your support agents can use to increase the likelihood that they will resolve issues satisfactorily and get more magic moments.

For example, they should never take complaints personally, and they should listen carefully and apologize for any inconvenience. Remaining polite and never being rude or arguing is essential, and they should also try to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

If they do not have the answer, ensure the issue gets dealt with by someone else who does know rather than just ignoring it.

And they should respond personally without sounding like a machine. Be genuine in their attempt to help, rather than just using standard phrases, and let the customer know that they are important. Essentially, make sure they know that the customer is always right.

Enjoy More Magic Moments

These are a few of the steps that you can take to improve the likelihood that you will enjoy more magic moments in your business. Start by looking at your current helpdesk system and see if you could benefit from using specialist software, and also consider starting up a reputation management strategy.

Then make sure you train up your support agents so that they know how best to deal with angry customers in the future, and enjoy all the benefits that come with providing better customer support.

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