Vlogging as a Career

It should perhaps have been something you thought about before the global health crisis we’re facing acted as a catalyst, but if you are indeed thinking hard about pursuing a career as a vlogger, there are some factors to take into account that will help you along your path to success.

‘Vlogger’ versus ‘YouTuber?’

Well, you probably know all too well that vloggers who popularly vlog through YouTube refer to themselves as YouTubers, which is all good and well, but you need to think beyond YouTube as the singular platform through which you would be vlogging. It is indeed the easiest route to take and one you should definitely pursue, but what would happen if heaven forbid, somewhere along the line you were de-platformed? I mean you don’t hear any professional gamblers who play specific casino games like a selection of slots referring to themselves as slots-machiners, rouletters, blackjackers, etc, do you? They don’t limit themselves and neither should you.

Once you have in mind the basics of a contingency plan you’d effect should a vlogging platform like YouTube de-platform or demonetize you, you have figured out what it takes to make a success out of a career as a vlogger! The only thing left to do from there is to go ahead and simulate the perusal of that contingency plan…

External monetization channels

So we’re talking here the likes of joining sponsorship programmes, through which brands can either remunerate you with their merchandise in exchange for in-video publicity/ promotions, or they’d pay you directly in cold, hard cash.

You can also earn through referrals who earn you money for each qualified purchase you “influence” viewers to complete, which is not that difficult if your content is good and is paired up naturally with offers.

Direct marketing and advertising of a product or service which you offer as your primary offering – well, not direct marketing in the traditional sense, but marketing of an underlying direct offer, which falls squarely in line with what you’re all about. For instance, a travel vlogger might have a travel planning consultancy business which they run via their website, of which the URL they’d embed in the “about” section of the vlog or subtly drop in the videos.

Focus on creating great content

External monetization channels are aplenty, waiting for you to discover as you focus on creating great content and work your way towards YouTube’s own monetization programme (Google AdSense) as the primary way through which to earn money with your videos. It’s all about nailing down a niche in which to generate good content, with everything else coming afterwards.

Find ways to get views and subscribers

When it comes to vlogging as a career, gaining more views and subscribers is often a top priority for content creators. While organic growth is important, there are strategies to boost your online presence. The obvious ones are creating engaging content and marketing it to a targeted audience, but you may also need to buy youtube views to generate traction and plant the seed of promotion for your channel. Remember, building a genuine and loyal subscriber base takes time, effort, and dedication, and sometimes you have to be patient and spend a bit of money to do it.

Learn to edit videos

While well-produced and finished videos will be assisted by the vlogging platform’s native ranking algorithms, it’s more of a work-in-progress skill you should indeed pursue learning, but once again, the main focus is on producing great content. It’s not necessarily the best-edited videos which gain the most views and make the most money, but that does indeed help things along.

Think about what you’d like to watch on a vlogging platform such as YouTube and then get busy documenting, not necessarily “creating!”