Ways to Make A Big Impression At Your Next Interview

A few small things can make you stand out during a job interview. When you’re qualified and articulate, a few key details help you leave the best impression and rise above your competition. Strengthen your interview game and get ready to impress the next hiring manager you meet.

Dress Like a Professional

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Though not every office requires employees to dress in suits every day, err on the side of dressing up during a job interview. Potential employers assess you based on your clothing choices, so help them visualize you as a productive member of the work team. Your clothes need to be pressed, and your hairstyle needs to be neat, so avoid bedhead. Stay away from loud patterns and prints unless you use them as simple accents to highlight your fun personality, like earrings or a silk scarf.

Know Your Industry

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Stay updated on industry news and do research on both the company and relevant industry topics before your interview. If you’re interviewing at a tech firm that deals with cybersecurity, for example, arrive armed with knowledge about the biggest recent data breaches. Adapt this information so you can talk about the latest cutting edge technology in cloud security, such as the CASB technology.

Prepare Questions in Advance

You get the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each interview and often during the interview, too. Prepare questions ahead of time. Consider asking what sets top performers apart or what the company wants a new hire to accomplish. You can also ask personal questions of your interviewers, like what their favorite moments working with the company have been so far. Have several questions in mind in case you cover one or two of them during the interview. Moreover, ensure that you include questions that clarify their expectations of you and the role you will be occupying. This will give you a glimpse into whether there is a good fit between what they want and what you can offer.

Bring Your Enthusiasm

While you always want to keep enthusiasm professional, treat this job interview with excitement. Let the interviewer see that you’re passionate about your field and looking forward to moving into a new role with a new company. Your personality and energy will be on display during a job interview. The interviewer is looking at your accomplishments to see if you’re qualified and at your personality to see if you’d fit well in the office. Let your positivity shine through to show you’ll be pleasant to work with and an asset to the team.

Use Stories

All interviewees talk about their work accomplishments and abilities at job interviews. Instead of rattling off accomplishments in verbal list form, choose a few stories that illustrate your abilities. Tell your best customer service story or talk about your biggest triumph when leading a team during a project. As long as you keep from sounding like a braggart, you’ll come across as engaging and interesting.

Make yourself memorable in a good way during your next job interview. Find the right balance of professionalism and personality, dress for the part, and wow the interviewer with your industry knowledge. Now you’re ready to tackle those job interviews.

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