careerrenegade-com-profile-photoHi guys. My name is Jack O’Connell. I’m a 37 year-old New Yorker. I have been living in NYC for almost all my life. Just for the last 15 years, I worked as a human resources specialist for a Fortune 500 company. And right now, I am running my own small company called Career Renegade in which I help high class specialists in different niches to find well-paid jobs. Also, I get asked to do speaking engagements in different countries that include topics from how to hire good people to finding a good employer. Furthermore, I conduct corporate trainings like people management, skills enhancement, and personality and career development.

My website, is a one-stop online resource shop for people who aim to get their careers go to its desired direction. It is where I publish articles containing all of my learnings accumulated from years of experience in the field of employment. Right now, I am developing online courses to help you manage your own careers. This has always been my goal why I started this website a few years ago.

But before I became who I am today, my corporate life started at a very young age of 22 when I was an intern for a law office specializing and handling labor and employment cases. As a graduating student, I took the opportunities to go to court trials to see how such cases are being tackled. My eyes got opened when I listened to one particular trial in which an employee was tried for malversation of corporate funds. My takeaway was a company should hire people not because they have the appropriate college background but because they are the right one in overall aspect. I based my thesis papers on that particular case which landed me to a job opportunity as a human resource staff right after I graduated. Not soon after, I got promoted as the human resource manager.

Eight years in my profession, I began to progressively and gradually develop my case studies and training modules for the company that I was in. But just like science and technology, labor and employment also evolve and none of my modules would be fitting to be applied to future employment force and career people. With this concern in mind, I studied career people behaviors and used my observations to create a more fitting case studies and training modules. But at that time, my intention was to utilize them for my startup company which is what I have right now.

It was the right time for me to help more people and more companies. A sort of advocacy burst out of my heart to make a difference in the lives of more professionals when it comes to job hunting and career management. For corporate concerns, I am into people-centered policies than income-centered goals.

When I resigned from my previous work, I started the new direction of my career by building up the website, I constantly write and publish articles that talk about innovating the world of employment. And then just after a few months, I created my small company as a consultation firm specializing on career improvement. As the company grew, so is my website. I began to see an increase of monthly unique visitors in just less than a year of being online. With this constant increase, companies got attracted to post advertisements on the pages of my website. I received a number of emails asking me for ads rates. With this development, my website became my cash cow until now.

Setting aside the financial aspects, I will continue to help people get their dream jobs, help companies to be attrition-proof, and help the industry of labor and employment that future generation of workforce will not have a hard time and will always thrive in their chosen career paths. This will be my greatest contribution to the world before I am not already capable to do so.