Winter parties at the Storm International casino’s network

Partying in the winter season is immutable right for good casinos. Here, guests are delighted with a festive mood, get a chance to compete for exclusive prizes and enjoy the New Year’s show. Storm International, said Darren Keane, managing director of the holding, conducts a series of Christmas and New Year parties in all its entertainment complexes. You should definitely look at the light to play and get festive emotions.

In addition, the winter months are an ideal time to order a junket to Tbilisi, Riga, Minsk or Yerevan. The gaming tour guests can participate in all Shangri La parties absolutely for free!

So, what is waiting on you on New Year’s Eve in Shangri La?

On December 14, 2019, SL Riga to Celebrate 2 Years

The New Year’s season at the SL Casino in Riga begins on December 14th. On this day, a party is held for the 2nd unit birthday. In honor of the successful work anniversary, Zaitsev Sisters, the killing stand-up duet, will entertain the guests.

Of course, live music will play in the casino, and original snacks will be offered as a treat. Prize drawing is another part of the entertainment program. The organizers do not disclose all plans so that guests can be surprised and get more pleasant experiences.

On December 21, 2019, Lexus Show at Shangri La Minsk

Shangri La Minsk traditionally raffles off cars for the New Year. This time around the holidays came during the third stage of the Lexus Show. The grand evening prize is the Lexus RX. Also on December 21, a live show program will be held and an exquisite buffet reception will be prepared under the direction of Mark Ulrich, the casino chef.

Pleasant surprises do not end there. Other gifts will also be raffled among the guests. As many as 125 thousand surprises await the lucky visitors.

On December 14, 2019 Shangri La Tbilisi has the Roaring 20s party

Shangri La Tbilisi has prepared an exquisite party – Roaring 20s. Everything is decorated in the appropriate style, the casino staff will also be dressed in the Roaring 20s style. This is an interesting way to plunge into a magnificent era.

The organizers prepared pleasant gifts and cash prizes. All this is for the lottery which will be on December 14th. The lucky ones will become even richer!

In honor of the holiday, the entertainment complex restaurant has a special menu compiled under the leadership of the chef Avtandil Alikhanashvili. This is insanely delicious!

On December 27, 2019 Shangri La Yerevan invites to the New Year’s Party

The main party of the year will be held in Shangri La Yerevan on December 27th. Guests will find festive decoration, live music, New Year’s entertainment and a pleasant surprise. This surprise is a draw of 7 million AMD among the guests.

Of course, an incredible buffet with festive dishes will be prepared for the New Year. This is the perfect time to quench gastronomic interest, play your favorite games and be in the midst of an entertainment program.

Winter junket tours in Shangri La

New Year’s holiday is a good solution for a vacation, and if you like the casino style of relaxation, you should order a junket in one of the Michael Boettcher’s Storm International units.

To order a gaming tour to any of the Shangri La casinos, just call and select the appropriate dates. For the cost of gaming chips, the guest receives a free shuttle service, hotel accommodation, food and drinks, as well as participation in all unit events. If the visit coincides with the time of the festive parties, the buyer of the junket tour is an expensive guest there and can participate in all entertainments.

You can learn more about junket tours on the official sites of the Shangri La casino’s network.