The Japanese Are Overworked, But There Is A Solution

In Japan, Karoshi is a reality. For the rest of the world, Karoshi may not be a familiar word, but if you are working in Japan- it could be a very real possibility for you. It is not just a potent threat to your life but also an increasingly common issue taking a toll on several workers.

What is Karoshi- a disease?

No. Karoshi literally means “death by overwork.” In Japan, working your whole life, punching in additional hours and driving yourself to death is a real possibility. Most people who face Karoshi have poor work-life balance and often meet death due to a heart attack, a stroke or simply because they are following a starvation diet.

Though Karoshi is not a disease, it has spread like an epidemic in the country where both younger and older professionals are slowly meeting their death in a bland office cubicle, hoping to make enough money before they die. The extent of Karoshi is so intense that some people can’t take the overwork at offices and commit suicide.

Is there a solution?

Yes. The only solution to Karoshi is to promote a healthy work-life balance. Employees should not spend excessively long hours at work and must be given the choice to go back home and pursue their hobbies. Employees too must decide to take up hobbies and socialize with more people so that they can continue feeling like an important part of a community.

We often forget that humans are social by nature and we don’t necessarily want to be social with the people we work with. We want families and relationships outside the office which make us feel good. We also want to indulge in entertainment, go out and have fun.

And there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, all these activities can help us rewind and prepare for the next day of work. Needless to say, a healthy work-life balance happens to be an important factor in ensuring optimum performance. Those who are aware of this are often on the lookout for healthy options to attain that balance.

One such option happens to be cannabis. It is said to have shown amazing benefits as a stress suppressor, making its way into the life of many frustrated working professionals. Those aware of its potency often tend to Order Concentrates Online or source it from a local dispensary to get the relaxation they need and reset their mind for a better performance the next day. Possibly, the overworked Japanese employees can do the same or find a similar solution.

But is it always possible?

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