Signs your tie comes from a high-quality tie manufacturer

Many will assume that there is not a huge amount of difference between a low-quality tie and a high-quality bespoke one, apart from perhaps the quality of the material used. However, there are a number of small clues you can look out for to work out if you have a high quality printed tie or a cheap one.

  • Look at the stitching

Poor stitching can be one of the tell-tale signs that you are working with a bad tie manufacturer. Sometimes, when ties are made, the odd one won’t quite match the quality of the others. However, if ties from the same manufacturer are consistently wearing over time and leave you with a lot of loose threads then you will want to find a manufacturer who can get the best product to your business.

  • What is the print quality like?

If you are looking for a new batch of printed ties for your company, pay special attention to the quality of the print. An expert tie manufacturer will provide you with a bespoke tie complete with an intricate print design that does not wear over time.

  • How intricate and detailed is the pattern?

Have a look at the detail on your tie, really get in close. How good is the embroidery? Is the pattern well printed? These are two questions that are a good indication of the level of tie manufacturer you are working with.

  • What material is it made out of?

This one will depend on the amount of money you have spent on the tie. To some extent, you get what you pay for. However, if when you run the tie through your hands you feel cheap polyester, this may be a sign you have received the product from an amateur tie manufacturer

If, after looking at your business ties you are in any dissatisfied with the quality, it may be a sign to change your tie manufacturer and find one that can deliver excellent products every time.